Hello, world!

My name is Kelley Tai. I am a leader and a digital creator exploring new solutions to complex problems through human-computer interaction and computational linguistics. I am a curious learner and outside of my professional environment, I am studying design patterns, learning board games, reading books, writing fiction and Yelp reviews, training at the gym, and backpacking across Europe.

Please use this site to get to know me professionally and personally!

UX portfolio

The biggest priority in my designs is to understand the user's story. The design of interactive media, in my opinion, should be all about the user's journey. What do they want? And how can we give them what they want? Some of the tools that I use include Sketch, Axure, Balsamiq, and InVision.

Beautiful castle with pink skies


Pink skies. Mysterious runes. Challenging puzzles. What else do you want from a game?

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Screenshot of our final deliverable


Students have a hard time organizing their school workload. BUX allows post-secondary students to track their homework and assignments through social media and automatic scheduling. By specifying free times, BUX schedules the user to do the studying so users feel motivation to complete work items.

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Picture of the qwirky keyboard

The Qwirky keyboard

The Qwerty keyboad was not made for optimization but the Dvorak keyboard is much too different from what we currently know. The Qwirky keyboard is a quirky kind of Qwerty with the letters t and f switched. This was created with the intention of a faster typing experience.

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Other projects

Here are all the other random but not entirely random projects I've created in the past year or so.

  • Context-free Grammar
    This program parses grammatical and ungrammatical English sentences.
  • diaBEATit!
    diaBEATit is a mobile application that allows users to take a picture of their meal and instantly get the calories and macronutrients of their food items.
  • Disambiguating word sense
    With NLTK, and using WordNet as a dictionary, I wrote a program that uses the Lesk algorithm to disambiguate the part-of-speech–tagged words in a sentence.
  • Discovering relations
    With NLTK and using Hearst’s lexicosyntactic patterns, I built and evaluated a system for finding suggested hyperonym / hyponym relations between words in a corpus of text.

Contact Me

If you have any questions, please contact me at kelllsify@gmail.com or on any of my social media platforms.