turnt promotes a greener home for you, me, and our planet. turnt will turn off your electronics when you are not home.

This app is developed by TEAMTEAM for CSC301 at the University of Toronto. After their final deliverable, I was interested to join in on their project and do some extra work on their user interface. During my last year at the University of Toronto, I joined the Sustainability Office as a work-study student. Being sustainable is important to me, so this project is quite personal. I think the success of this application can make a big difference to our carbon footprint.

Take a look at their project:
Final deliverable from TEAMTEAM.


This mobile app will turn off electronics when users are a certain radius away from their home. When users come closer to their home, the electronics will be turned back on. On top this main functionality, users should be able to:

  • See the list of configured devices and their status of "on" or "off"
  • Edit individual device settings
  • Set the distance the electronics will be turned on or off
  • View electrical consumption graphs

Original Interface

Protoype Protoype of the home page of BUX
Protoype of the home page of BUX Prototype of the calendar page of BUX

Proposed interface

This proposed interface is an updated version of the original screens provided. The focus of this design was to fit the original design to Apple's Human Interface Guidelines. Essentially, I'm just playing around with the Apple's design patterns and principles. Please take a look and comment around for future suggestions.

There are still many things I can do to improve this proposed interface. I would like to include information relating to the wattage used for each device. This information would definitely provide users some sort of baseline for what is most determinetal.