Explore Lumera and find its hidden gems by completing puzzles and walking through a wonderland of shape shifting objects.


My friends and I made a video game! It's pretty crazy to see an idea become an actual full-scale game. It's unbelievable and I can't believe our team actually did it. In fact, it's a little bit funny how different how original idea was. After presenting our alpha, we told the audience that our next step was to redesign the skybox to something that reflected more of a dark dungeon. It was badly received. "Don't change the sky!!!" Everyone perfered lightness over darkness, and somehow, everything turned pink. (Heh, maybe I encouraged it.) As the Project Manager and the UX Designer, I was there for every step of the game.

Here are some screenshots (and a trailer) from the game. Full details of this project coming soon:

sizis screenshot 4
sizis screenshot 3
sizis screenshot 2